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Frequently asked questions:

For individuals

Yes you may have to serve waiting periods if:

  • You take out health insurance for the first time.
  • It has been more than 13 weeks since you last held private health insurance.

You won’t have full cover until your waiting periods are over. However, there are some exceptions to the waiting periods:

  • There is no waiting period for emergency care for accidents and injuries.
  • Children and infants that are added to a policy within 13 weeks of their birth or adoption do not have to serve waiting periods.

Your time spent on previous policies (even with another provider) is carried over to the next as long as you have not had a break in cover for longer than 13 weeks.

If you are switching policies or upgrading to a policy with higher cover, the following maximum waiting periods may be applied to any higher benefit on the new policy:

Any higher benefit: 2 years

Maternity benefits: 52 weeks

During the waiting periods, you will be covered to the level of cover of your previous policy.

When you first take out a policy waiting periods will apply.

You will be covered immediately for accidents and injuries but the following will apply:

26 weeks – new medical conditions

5 years – pre-existing medical conditions

52 weeks – Maternity

A member of our team can explain these to you in more detail

Health insurance policies are 12-month contracts so if you are the main policy holder you must wait until your renewal date to move to another provider. You have 14 days after the actual renewal date (cooling off period) to renew, switch or change your plan type.

Yes in certain circumstances.

If you are aged over 34 with no previous health insurance and are living in Ireland longer than 9 months you may be charged a Lifetime Community Rating loading.  It works out at an extra 2% of your premium for each year above 34, up to a maximum of 70%. The loadings last 10 years and will be added to the cost of your annual premium.

The longer you leave it the more expensive it may be! Please reach out to a member of our team if you feel you may be affected and we can go through calculations with you.

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